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How to Join Cal Cycling

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Eligibility and Benefits

In general, club activities are open to members only. This includes all of our group rides and other in-person activities.

“Member” is defined as someone on our Sport Clubs Roster, which is managed at IMLeagues. Any registered undergraduate or graduate student is eligible to join the club.

For information about how to join Cal Cycling, see below.

While you are waiting, sign up for our email list-serv here. You will be notified when sign-ups are available.


Membership grants access to the Cal Cycling Slack, where you can hang out and meet other cyclists at Cal. It’s a great place for getting any cycling-related questions answered and finding ride partners.

Participation in Cal Cycling group rides and activities

Cal Cycling rides, including our Saturday group rides, are open only to roster members.

Access to club and sponsor benefits

Cycling members get access to various benefits through our sponsors and Cal Sport Clubs, such as discounted CLIF orders, and discounts at Mike’s Bikes of Berkeley.

Racing in the WCCC

In order to race in WCCC Collegiate events, you need to be a member of a collegiate cycling club (like Cal Cycling). We pay for transportation, housing, and part of race fees for our members.

The Spring road race schedule for 2022 is:

– UCLA: Feb 19-20
– UCSB/CPSLO: March 5-6
– USC: March 26-27
– UCSC: April 2-3
– Stanford: April 9-10
– UC Berkeley: Apr 23-24
– Collegiate Nationals: May 6-8

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Postdoc / Exchange Student / recently graduated. Can I join Cal Cycling?

Unfortunately, you must be a registered student to join. This precludes most postdocs and recently-graduated. The test for whether or not you can join is whether or not you can “purchase” the $0 “Sport Club Membership” on the Cal Rec Sports Store. Some exchange students can do this; some cannot. If you cannot join Cal Cycling, please check out Berkeley Bike Club, Grizzly Peak Cyclists, or Major Taylor East Bay.

What are the obligations of Cal Cycling members?

All members are obliged to follow the code of conduct in the Cal Cycling Constitution. This includes riding safely, with a helmet, and with respect towards other road users. In addition, all members are obligated to help volunteer at any hosted events, such as our home races.

I don’t have a bike. Can you help me out?

Unfortunately, we do not have any team bikes. However, we can help you in your search for one.

What do I need to bring on a ride?

Your bike must be fully functional and safe to ride in a group. You should also bring any necessary tools to fix common roadside maintenance issues, such as flat tires. Finally, you should bring enough food (at a minimum 30 grams of carbohydrate an hour) and hydration.

Do I have to race to join?

You absolutely do not, and this is reflected in our lower dues for non-racing members.